Sport chic style: spring look

In this article, you can read about the sport chic style and the different looks in this style. It is interesting to know why this style attracts all the stars and celebrities.

Spring outfit in sport chic style

Recently, you can see how the stars are increasingly preferring sport-chic style. I would like to know why this style so attracts all the stars and celebrities. In my case, sport chic is related to my hobby, I love to play sports and I liked the comfortable style of clothing even before sport chic was popularized.

What are the advantages of sport-chic style?

Firstly, it is the comfort and versatility of images in the style of sport-chic. Layered sports looks combine interesting combinations of different textures, fabrics and styles. The main advantage of this style is the combination of basic pieces with extravagant pieces of clothing. Since the stars are most often lovers of extravagant and bright clothes, as well as a large number of beautiful and comfortable clothes in our time, it is possible to easily combine interesting items of clothing in different styles.

The sport chic style is attractive because there are no prohibitions and rules in this style, where you can experiment with basic sportswear and various items of clothing. As with many styles, it is very important not to overdo it and stick to 2 or 3 shades in one look.

The presence of accessories will make your sport-chic look bright and interesting.

A sport-chic spring look of a bomber jacket and leggings from the English brand Golddigga is well suited for walking in the park, for informal meetings, for going to the store. Comfortable Pull and Bear shoes and outerwear were matched in the same color scheme. Elements of the accessory, the side lettering on the leggings is in harmony with the golden zippers on the sleeves of the bomber jacket.

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