We get acquainted with the classics of board games – UNO. Board rules, features, tips for players


Have you heard about UNO for a long time, but haven tried to play it yet? Rather, fill this gap and replenish your collection of entertainment with this legendary game. And we will tell you about its features and basic rules. UNO is one of the most famous card board games. She has simple rules, she does not take up much space and helps to have fun in any company. If you wish, you can change its features before each horse.

It is with its simplicity and flexibility that it attracts a large number of fans around the world. In this article, you will get acquainted with the key features of the classic board game and learn some useful tricks for a productive game.

About the game

Both adults and children over the age of 7 can play UNO. The number of players is from 2 to 10 people. The basic essence of the rules is simple – get rid of your cards and earn more points in several rounds. However, some players may initially find it difficult to remember the nuances of using individual special cards and the rules for saving them.Digital maps

These cards are colored in one of four colors – red, blue, yellow and green. For each color there is a double set from 1 to 9 and only one card with the number 0. There are 19 cards of the same color in total. In total, 76 digital cards are presented in one deck.

Wild Cards

The usual wild card, aka color change. An oval is drawn on a black background, divided into 4 sectors. Each sector is painted in its own color – red, blue, yellow or green.

Wild card draw four, aka color change + 4 cards. On a black background, a white oval is drawn, inside which are symbolic images of cards of different colors – red, blue, yellow or green. In the corners of the map there are inscriptions +4.

Action cards

There are 24 of them in total – three types of action, 2 cards for each color:

Take two. The picture shows two cards, and the inscriptions “+2” are located in the corners.

Change of direction of the game. These cards show 2 arrows pointing in opposite directions.

Skip a turn. The symbol depicted on this card is a crossed out circle.

Some decks have additional white cards. Only 4 pieces. They can be used to replace lost cards or as another element that complicates the rules of the game.

Rules of the game

The main goal of the game is to be the first to get rid of all your cards and earn the required number of points. How exactly can this be done in UNO?

TrainingWe get acquainted with the classics of board games - UNO. Tables, features, advice to playersAt the very beginning, the deck is shuffled, after which the players draw one card at a time and check who has the higher value card.

All cards without numbers are automatically assigned the value 0. The player with the higher value card becomes the dealer.

When determining the dealer, two players can have the winning cards.They can draw one more card so that one candidate remains.

The player who gives the cards gives to all participants 7 cards. He puts the remaining deck in the center of the table with a shirt up. This is a common bank. From this deck, players will take additional cards during the game.

From the common deck, the distributor takes out the first card, turns the shirt down and puts separately. The initial map opens the reset deck where all participants will put their cards during the game.

If the action card or one of the “wild cards” is the first, its conditions are taken into account and determine the further actions of the players.

The game begins between the participants clockwise. The exception is when the “change of direction” was the initial card.

Each player during his move should put his card on the discharge deck.

Its card should coincide with the card posted by the previous player, one of the three criteria:

  • Colour;
  • digital value;
  • The symbol is for action cards.

For example, if the initial card or map of the previous player is painted blue, and the number 4 is written on it, you can put it on top of it:

  • a card of any color, but with a number 4;
  • A blue map with any numbers and symbols.

If the player does not have a single card suitable for given conditions, he must take an additional card from the common bank.

There are 2 options for the development of events:

    The card is suitable for color or face value – the player acts at his discretion, performing a move with it or leaving it for himself, without risking to get a fine;

  • The card is not suitable for the next move – the player leaves it to himself and passes the move to the next participant.

What to do if the deck of the bank is over and the game is not:

  • to postpone the last card from the discharge deck – the next player will navigate it;
  • Mix the remaining cards from the discharge deck and put the shirt up, forming a new common bank.

If the player has only one card after the next move, he must say loudly “Uno!”. This must be done before the next player makes his move.

We get acquainted with the classics of board games - UNO. Tables, features, advice to players

If one of the players puts the last card on the common deck, all other participants count the points on the rating of the cards that remained in their hands.

Counting rules:

  • digital cards give the number of points corresponding to the face value;
  • action cards give 20 points;
  • Wild cards give 50 points.

The points of all players are summarized, and the result is recorded about the player’s account, who was the first to drop all his cards. Traditionally, the game is held until one of the players has 500 points.

How to work with special cards

Special cards are designed to dilute the boring process of the game, make it more unpredictable and give players the opportunity to change the situation in their favor.

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