Winter games with young children

How fun and diverse it is to spend time on the street with children in winte

Outside the window is now the most magical time of the year – winter! Not only for children, but also for many adults, winter is associated with a holiday, tangerines, an elegant Christmas tree and magic. And despite winter frosts, this time of year is perceived by both children and parents only as a joy, beautiful family weekend and the opportunity to diversify them.

In his first winter, the baby only slept for a walk in a sling or in a stroller, but after a year of the little one it is difficult to keep in place. He wants to study everything, inspect, touch and absolutely do not want to stand still.

It is no secret that walks develop and expand consciousness and imagination in children. They receive not only impressions and implement the need for movement, but also get acquainted with the world, learn to communicate with peers. No need to be afraid of winter walks. In winter air, the density of oxygen and ions is much higher, and this has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, improves metabolic processes, increases the tone of the nervous system, and also hardens the body.

The main thing on winter walk is, of course, snow. It is worth adding a little imagination and good mood to him, and your walk with the child becomes not only interesting, but also turns into an exciting adventure.

In addition to banal, but all your favorite battles with the help of snowballs and skiing on the rink, you can come up with a lot of interesting and unusual, the main thing is not to be lazy. We dress warmer and hasten for a walk!

Everything is very simple, but insanely interesting, especially for children 2-3 years old. With the help of the shoulder blades, make the confusing paths along which the child can “drive” your favorite toy, putting it on the ice. Arrange the competition and see who can get out of this adventure faster!

Another simple option to make your walk interesting. Draw circles in the snow and play with the baby in the frog. The child must jump from the first to the very last circle. Be sure to explain that the baby should be repelled by both legs.

Build with a child of snowstorms of snow, then make snowballs, and now everything is simple! Knock the snowballs with pre -prepared Easter cakes, outline exactly the one you need to get into. This game will surely appeal to your baby! In pure snow, take narrow steps and invite the child to go through them.For this game you will need small children's toys. Or take Christmas toys and jewelry for the game and beat so that now you will need to look for beautiful winter treasures, which you will decorate the New Year tree with the whole family.Hide Christmas decorations in the snow in secret from the child, but so that they are slightly visible, and then give the baby a box or basket where he will put them and start searching for “treasures”!Can snow glow? Certainly! For this game you will need LED lamps and lots of small snowballs. Go outside when it's getting dark. Make small snowballs with your child, by the way, a special tool for making snowballs – a snowball can help you with this. Then build a small hollow slide.

In this cavity, after removing a few snowballs from above, place the LED lamps and put the snowballs in place. The snow lantern is ready!Surely not many people thought that you can blow soap bubbles not only in summer, but also in winter. And the job is very interesting. The fact is that in the cold soap bubbles freeze and look like crystal balls. For this, the air temperature must be below -7 degrees. So, you will need a soapy solution and a plastic straw to blow the balloons. If the inflated balloon falls on the snow, then you can watch how it freezes, gradually crystallizing.

Probably, it will seem to many that these games and the process of preparing for them are long and laborious, but believe me, as soon as you start, you will see that all this is interesting not only for your child, but also for you. Show some imagination. and you can come up with many more interesting winter games. In addition, this is a great way for the whole family to do something interesting and even a little magical. After all, every child is waiting for magic in winter!

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