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Sites are blocking more and more often. Bypassing locks using VPN is quite simple, but a protected network can and should be used not only for this. We will tell you how to download the game and unlock it in the case of sanctions or, if you are limited to access by IP address due to violations of the rules of use …

How to download or unlock the game using VPN

Sites are blocking more and more often. Bypassing locks using VPN is quite simple, but a protected network can and should be used not only for this. We will tell you how to download the game and unlock it in the case of sanctions or if you are limited to access to the IP address due to violations of the use of use.

The game is blocked

This case is still quite rare, but there are already precedents – for example, the players of the Heritage of Dragons remember how they received the message The game Blound in the Russian Federation after the launch of a pirate copy of this toy. What to do if the game was blocked?

In this case, the recipe is similar to methods for bypassing sites blocking. Download the VPN program, change the IP address to any European country, and you can safely launch any, even the most pirate, copy of the game.

Online games blocking

For this reason, access to games is closed much more often. The formulation of the error here is slightly different, mainly it is voiced as access to MMO is closed. (MMO is a massive multiplayer online game).

What to do if the game was blocked?

You can get around such a ban in exactly the same way as it is written above – download VPN for games and cross the game. The only minus of this method is that the servers within the MMO will also be foreign – it will be impossible to play with the Russians. So try to choose the language of the country when you turn on the VPN for games, which you know at least a little.

The game is not blocked, but you were banned

This case is more common. In fact, games are quite rarely blocked in the territory of the Russian Federation, but the players are banned mercilessly and everywhere. They do this admins: you only need to swear for an incorrect tank for an incident or ask for virtual money in a loan, as you can be blocked right away. What to do if they banned in the game?

Option 1

It's simple: write to the administrator! Explain that you did not do anything bad that you were blocked in vain, and you are white and fluffy and play honestly and according to the rules.

The problem of this method is that both the administration of the network and local moderators rarely respond to ordinary users, and if they do this, then after two to three days. I don’t really want to stay without a game for such a long time, so we move on to another method.

Option 2

If you received an IP ban in the game Steam, WoT or Warcraft, there is only one way to return back to the digital world – a game through a VPN.

Consider this option on the example of a free VPN for games from Whoer.net.

  • Go to the site https://whoer.net/en/vpn
  • Click on the “Try for free” button (you don’t have to buy a subscription at once, because you can download VPN for games for free and make sure that the method works and you can get into your favorite game)
  • Download and install the program, and then start it.

In the free VPN for games, you are given a connection to the Netherlands server, so your local address will be replaced by IP Holland immediately after launching the application. Whher VPN servers are permanently checking the IP addresses for the presence of in blacklists, so you can easily go around the ban in the game and will not be disappointed with blocked access.

Start the game, try to go online with your previously banned account and … the game works!

You successfully went around the ban on the online game using VPN for games on the PC!

Option 3

If a simple change in the IP address did not help you, and the moderators do not respond to requests, then there is nothing left to register a new account and run their progress in the online game again. But here, the VPN will come in handy for you for a network: try to go to the created profile with the substituted IP for the first time so that the administrators of the game do not have complete data about you, and you yourself remain as anonymous as possible.

Please note that the WHOER VPN service uses servers with complex traffic encryption algorithms, allowing you to maintain anonymity and security on the network and protecting players from DDOS attacks.

We use VPN to unlock online game

Best HPN for Games

In addition to the fact that free VPN for games helps to get to the blocked website of the online game, this program allows you to return to the game if you are banned by IP. It is enough to download VPN for games for free, turn on the IP of another state, and you will easily go to your MMOs, online fifs and other games!

The WHOER VPN servers due to high throughput guarantee a stable connection with game servers with low ping and excellent speed.

VPN for early access to games

This option is suitable for inveterate fans. Agree, it is quite nice to get the coveted item (in this case, the game) much earlier than the rest. So in the world of digital entertainment, the practice of early releases of popular hits has long existed. One trouble: to download beta games, as a rule, only to Americans and the Japanese.

But in this case, the Gamers will help the VPN for games-installed, turned on, changed the server for the right one, pressed the “Free Download Games with beta testing”, turned off the connection with the protected network and play for your pleasure.

In the same category, we include the purchase of collection versions of games – they are commonly inaccessible in the territories of the CIS countries.

Censorship 18+

The era of tightening comes. So the games have already begun to fall under the ban – mostly military shooters and series of GTA games. But if you ran into the mistake “The game is prohibited in the country”, then you already know what to do.

Just change the country by buying access to VPN.

Saving when purchases

Well, the most interesting bonus – you can save with VPN not only when booking air tickets or hotels, but also when buying digital copies of games!

Remember the price that the store offers you (for example, Valve) for the purchase of a game with your usual IP address, turn on the VPN, preferably from the Canadian address, update the page, voila: most likely, the game will be cheaper when recalculating the currency. Of course, no one will give you the game for free, but the savings are already good.

Such useful lessons when working with secure networks. VPN help for games can be useful in a variety of situations, so do not neglect the purchase of such a useful service.

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