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Uno Flip! (Uno: Double game)

That is, of course, not cookies, but more pleasant bonuses and more substantial penalties than on the white side.

On the other hand, its never too late to turn everything back, so long as the right card comes!UNO: Double play (UNO Flip!) – brand new version UNO with double-sided cards and a true dark side.Preparing for the gameAs in the base game, shuffle the deck of cards and deal seven to the players. Put the top card from the deck with the light side up – this is the discard pile. Please note: the deck on the table lies with the dark side up, and the players hold the cards to themselves with the light side – from the beginning of the game, it is considered to be the front, active.Players take turns discarding cards into the discard pile, following the rule that the discarded card must match either the value or color of the top card in the pile. In this case, special cards must match in color.If a player cannot play a card, he draws a card from the deck and may try to repeat the move.

If the player has one card left, he loudly says “Uno!”, Otherwise, he draws two cards.If one of the players plays a card Flip, all the cards in the game are turned over – both the deck and the discard pile (now a completely different card becomes the top one!), And the cards in the hands of the players.

New cardsFlip. All cards in the game are turned over to the dark side or the light side.

Plus 5. The next player draws two cards from their hand.

Skip a turn. All other players skip a turn.

wild color. The player names a color, and the next player draws cards until they get a card of the given color.

Who has won

The player with no cards left in their hand wins.

Pros of the game

new cards

We can assume that twice as many cards are involved in the game – if you count both the dark and light sides. And the new cards are completely new features that can both speed up victory and lead to defeat faster.

new rules

The rules of the dark side are more stringent: there are more cards to draw, and an additional pass of a turn, and the change of the side of the cards itself changes the game a lot.


The familiar game now looks much brighter and more unusual without a shirt. And the quality remains, as before, on top!

UNO: Double play (UNO Flip!) – updated and very interesting version UNO, which definitely deserves the attention of both experienced players and beginners.

Pay attention! You can not only buy the game UNO: Double play (UNO Flip!), but get to know the rules and play it in our board game club.


  • 112 cards;
  • rules of the game.


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