Tuning Lada Vesta: Instructions with photos and videos

Lada Vesta

Like all new models of cars, Lada Vesta will also soon acquire a variety of accessories for tuning. However, this will happen only after

Tuning Lada Vesta

Lada Vesta

Like all new models of cars, Lada Vesta will also soon acquire a variety of accessories for tuning. However, this will happen only after this model goes on sale. At this stage, you can only predict future tuning options through 3D modeling.

The simplest changes that the future owners of Lada Vesta will be able to make with their own hands are to replace standard wheels with an increased diameter. Also, probably, many will want to tint the glasses and install a high -quality audio system in the cabin. Drivers who prefer a low landing of the car will be able to first edit the standard suspension to reduce the size of the road clearance.

Next year, body kit will be released for the Lada Vesta model, various bumper options for replacing serial. In addition, an alternative to the head optics, spoilers and rear lights will appear on sale. That is, the owners of Lada Vesta will have the opportunity to make those improvements that are in greatest demand among car owners.

A deeper tuning, which, perhaps, can now be recommended to future owners, includes:

  • modification (increase in power) of the engine;
  • Replacement of the factory release system.

Most likely, the chip tuning will be used to increase the engine power by younger and inexperienced drivers, for whom the priority is highly driving. And for the older generation of owners, this procedure is unlikely to be useful, since the power growth will still be insignificant, and the intervention in the ECU (electronic control unit) will exclude the possibility of warranty service of the car.

Transition to gas

Modern cars must meet many requirements. One of the main ones is economical. So, future owners of Lada Vesta are recommended to start tuning with a transition to a cheaper fuel type. It is worth noting that this will reduce the cost of fuel three times. According to engineers Lada Vesta, the possibility of installing gas equipment was laid at the design stage. At the same time, the new car has a big plus: when the methane ends in the car, there will be automatically switching to gasoline. This action can be performed manually. To do this, in the Lada salon there is a special button.

Lada Vesta Sport

Lada Vesta Sport

This modification will have the following features:

  1. Aggressive aerodynamic body kit with enlarged wheel arches.
  2. Special overlays on the thresholds.
  3. Large spoiler on the trunk and diffuser.
  4. Sports type wheels.

As for the engine in the sports version, there is very little information about it. It is only known that Lada Sport continued to cooperate with Ooreca (France), which was previously her partner in engine development. Also, as is known according to preliminary data, compared with the Granta Sport WTCC unit, the tuning Lada Vesta will have a higher power engine. Instead of corporate red color, it is now yellow, which is associated with the change of sponsor to Rosneft.

As it always happens, only after entering the sale of a new model Lada West, car owners will be able to make various additional improvements that were not taken into account by the manufacturer. But while the new Lada is only preparing for the exit, potential buyers can only familiarize themselves with existing projects, which are a virtual tuning based on photographs of model and video materials with instructions.

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