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Unrivaled opportunities with renewed vigor: Camry 75 received new powerful and economical engines, modern equipment and a special GR Sport series

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Unrivaled opportunities with renewed vigor: Camry 75 received new powerful and economical engines, modern equipment and a special GR Sport series

● The eighth generation of a recognized business class leader, which is characterized by an ideal balance of comfort and controllability, has received long-awaited technical changes and new equipment in response to customer wishes.
● The car received two new Dynamic Force atmospheric engines 2.0 and 2.5 liters, the first is paired with a high-tech variator of Direct Shift CVT, the second with an 8-speed automatic transmission.
● The update of engines and transmission ensured the sedan an increase in torque and power, the dynamics improved, and fuel efficiency has increased.
● The elegant appearance of the car is complemented by the updated design of the front bumper, the lower grille of the radiator and wheel discs, new bright bodies of the body were added: blue and red metallic.
● The interior of the sedan is distinguished by the location of the new display of the multimedia system with support for Apple Carplay® and Android Auto® and the central ducts, and stylish decorative inserts appeared.
● The updated business sedan is equipped with Toyota Safety Sense-the most modern package of active security systems in the segment with expanded functionality of the collision prevention system (PCS) and dynamic radar control (IDRCC), as well as the function of car retention in the center of the strip (LTA).
● Camry 75 is now available in a completely new GR Sport series with an exclusive exterior, a two -color body color and original elements, as well as an interior with a red stitching on the finishes and seats.
● Prices for an updated model start from 11,790,000 tenge.

On April 15, 2021, sales of the updated bestseller – Camry 75 will officially start.

Since the appearance of a business bar in Kazakhstan, the unconditional leader of his segment with a market share of 70%-he meets all the desires and needs of customers as much as possible and retains high residual cost. Sales results report that since 2018, 16,121 new Toyota Camry eighth generations (Camry 70) have been sold in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Millions of fans of business sedan choose Toyota Camry-they value an outstanding balance of comfort and controllability, technological and security of the model. Car owners always note the quality, reliability and durability of Toyota cars – these traditional advantages of the brand guarantee a high residual cost. According to data for 2018, when selling in the secondary market, Toyota Camry only adds in price.

And in 2021, having renewed, the permanent leader continues to set standards in his segment. Now the prestigious business silk has become more powerful and dynamic. Camry 75 is characterized by improved dynamics with long -awaited new engines and transmission, status appearance and interior details, he received an updated package of high -tech security systems Toyota Safety Sense of the next generation.For the first time in the history of the model, the car will be available in a special GR Sport series with exclusive exterior and interior design.

New level of power and dynamics

Camry 75 is equipped with gasoline naturally aspirated engines of the Dynamic Force series with an increased compression ratio, a variable valve timing system VVT-iE and a combined fuel injection system D-4S. Thanks to the new cylinder design, internal combustion engines reach operating temperature faster, which contributes to fuel efficiency. Previously used in the design of the eighth generation Camry, the front engine hydraulic mount minimizes vibrations at idle and ensures the stability of the car when maneuvering.

The new 2.0-litre engine boasts 14 Nm more torque to 206 Nm, 1.5 seconds better acceleration and 1.1 liters less combined fuel consumption. It is paired with a Direct Shift CVT continuously variable automatic transmission, combining the advantages of a CVT and a manual transmission. The gearbox is equipped with mechanical first and reverse gears, which provides an intensive start without loss of torque and guarantees the life of the unit.

The power of the new 2.5-liter engine has increased to 199 horsepower, while the torque has increased by 12 Nm to 243 Nm. The acceleration time to 100 km / h has decreased by 1.2 seconds and is now 8.7 seconds, and fuel consumption is 1.2 liters and is only 6.8 liters in the combined cycle. The engine is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission with extended torque converter lock-up range for improved acceleration and smoother shifting.

Top-of-the-line Camry 75s continue to be available with the status 3.5-liter V6 engine unrivaled in the segment – an impressive displacement and 249 hp.

Reference appearance for business class

The swift, dynamic look made the Toyota Camry a reference modern business sedan – this provided the design of the model with relevance for years to come. Therefore, the appearance of the Camry 75 has undergone point changes, they touched the front bumper and a large trapezoidal grille – new decorative trims appeared. Visual changes emphasize the status of the car and its outstanding capabilities. Expressiveness Camry 75 and add new body colors: blue and red metallic.

Advanced technology and traditional comfort

Elegant design and thoughtful ergonomics – the interior of the Camry 75 features a different arrangement of the central display and air ducts. The new color screen (depending on equipment) is available in 7 or 9 inches, it allows you to effectively control the settings of the car and multimedia system that supports Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto®. The place under the air ducts was occupied by an intuitive climate control adjustment unit.Two interior colors are available: black and beige, there are three seat trim options – black fabric for Standard, Classic and Comfort versions, black or beige leather for other trim levels.

Security to the max

Camry 75 received the most functional package of active safety systems Toyota Safety Sense in its class. It includes a collision avoidance system (PCS) that warns the driver of a threat and is capable of performing emergency braking. During the day, it can recognize cars and cyclists, as well as pedestrians at night. As of 2021, PCS is complemented by a right or left turn assist at an intersection and an Emergency Steering Assist (ESA) system that provides a detour maneuver while maintaining directional stability.

Also included in the package are Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC) and Rear Parking Assist with Visual and Audible Alerts (RCTA). While driving, the Blind Spot Monitor with Vision Alert (BSM) monitors the presence of passing vehicles outside the view of the side mirrors. Lane Departure Alert (LDA) works in conjunction with Lane Center Assist (LTA). Complementing the active safety package are the Driver Fatigue Warning and Information System (SWS) and the High Beam Switching System (AHB).

GR Sport Special Edition – exclusivity and delight

For those who want to always be in the spotlight, there is a special GR Sport series with an exclusive design and two two-tone finishes: white or red body with black roof and accents. The striking appearance of the car is highlighted by numerous black details: side mirrors, trims and side trims of the radiator grille, rear spoiler, mirror housings, rear emblem on a black background, transparent taillight housings. The series emblem on the trunk lid and door handles painted in body color complete the look.

The GR Sport can be equipped with either 2.5 or 3.5 liter engines – this is reflected in the appearance of the car. On the smaller ICE version, the 18-inch wheels will be two-tone, and the side window trim will be chrome, the 3.5 version will feature all-black rims, side door moldings and glass trim in black, as well as black rear side elements. lanterns. Next to the transmission handle in the interior, buttons for selecting ECO / NORMAL / SPORT driving modes are added.

The interior of the Camry 75 GR Sport features red stitching on the steering wheel, gear selector and center armrest, on the dash, on the door cards, and on the front and rear seats trimmed in black leather with red accents. The status of the version is emphasized by the exclusive design of decorative inserts and the GR logo on the engine start button and the back of the ignition key.

Prices for the new Toyota Camry 75 start from 11,790,000 tenge. For a model with a popular and completely new 2.5 -liter engine, prices start at 13,540,000 tenge.

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Learn more about emotional driving-evaluate the capabilities of the new Camry 75 business sedan, having signed up for a test drive in one of the official dealerships of Toyota.

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