Table Games at a wedding for guests – Ideas, videos of 2017

Tamada always tries to amuse guests at a wedding banquet. And when the invited and ate, they got drunk and did not want to dance, table games at the wedding will come in handy.

Cool mackerel games for a wedding

Each wedding is not only a registration of relations of young, but also a cheerful holiday, accompanied by active dances, magnificent feasts, games and funny contests. As a rule, a professional toastmaster helps organize the fun of guests, capable of turning any “stagnant” atmosphere into a real explosion of emotions. Typically, the time at the wedding is spent energetically, but at the very beginning of the holiday, when those present need to be “warm up”, and at the end, when everyone is tired, the presenter holds funny table games that help make the situation a truly festive.

Ideas for wedding tables and contests for guests

Table games are designed to help everyone present interestingly spend time, relax a little from active dances, and liberate. Competitions for guests can change depending on the subject of the wedding, preferences of the heroes of the celebration, the desired mood of the event. As a rule, table games are based on the pronunciation of unusual, original toasts, drinking alcoholic beverages, as well as on interesting tasks offered by the toastmaster. Several options for holding competitions for present people:

Heroes of the occasion at a cheerful wedding feast

  • Drawing lesson

This cheerful game will allow guests to show their creative potential and imagination. The requisite is necessary – clean sheets of paper, pencils. Each guest receives a set of requisite specified earlier, and the toamada gives the task to draw something-let it be the first item that comes to mind. Guests draw the sun, clouds, glasses, cars, strollers, carrots – anything. Then the presenter collects drawings, the time comes for the most interesting – fortune telling.

Tamada asks questions related to the future life of the newlyweds, and drawings are the answer to them. Examples of questions: “How will the future child behave?”, “What will be accompanied by the newlyweds during travel?”, “What will the mother -in -law with his wife give to the fifth An anniversary? , How much money will the family have after the wedding? This table game, as a rule, causes a lot of joy.

  • Positive competition with compliments for guests – pink glasses

It is known that the world through pink glasses is always different, so the toamada will invite the participants to look at everything in a new way, in a more rainbow light. Props: pink glasses or with pink glasses. How is the game going: the first puts on the accessory, and after that he approaches an accidental person and says: “Sorry … How could I not see before, that your eyes shine brighter than the morning sun?”

Then the host takes off his glasses, gives them to the one who made an original compliment.The task of the next participant in the table game is to look at his neighbor “through rose-colored glasses”, as if for the first time seeing something that was not noticed before for some reason. This develops imagination, helps guests get closer, get to know each other better, and, perhaps, will be the beginning of a new romantic story.

Pink glasses - props for a fun table game

  • Apple of discord

Every married couple faces troubles during their life together, and a table game with an “ancient” apple will help them play it safe. The toastmaster must fasten the apple on a thread or elastic band, hang it next to the table of the heroes of the occasion. The game goes like this: the spouses eat a healthy fruit without the help of hands, which can be a real problem – after all, a loose apple is constantly dangling from side to side.

The guests at this time are rooting for the newlyweds, because it depends on their perseverance whether they will quarrel while living together. If at the end of the table game the whole apple is eaten, there will be no doubt that the joint stay of the spouses will always be prosperous. For the competition, it is worth choosing medium-sized apples of not very hard varieties.

  • Strong congratulations

For a table game, the toastmaster, together with the guests, chooses some strong drink – wine or champagne, rarely vodka. Then a person is randomly selected, the host puts a glass in front of him, as well as a bottle of the selected alcohol. The essence of the table game is as follows: the guest pours a little drink, passes it to the next one, he adds more, so it continues in a circle. When the glass is filled to the brim with the last participant, he gets up, says a congratulatory farewell to the spouses and drinks alcohol in one gulp.

Props for playing with drinking alcohol

I love not love

The game I love – I do not love is held at the beginning of the celebration to cheer up the guests, to help them relax. After the first or second toast, the toastmaster asks those sitting at the table to look carefully at their neighbor on the right, and then say what the guest likes in him and what not. For example, a contestant says, I love my neighbor's cheek, but I don't like my stomach. When everyone shares their revelations, the facilitator reveals the secret of this drinking game: the participants will have to kiss the place they liked, and then bite the one they didn’t like.


There are many game options available to help test and use guests' vocabulary. One of them is a game with a toast-congratulation. To do this, the toastmaster asks the guests what, in their opinion, words relate to family life, warning that you can choose playful words and phrases (cook, washing dishes, washing, etc.) All proposed options are recorded by the host, who then chooses two people . The task of the table game contestants is to say a toast in turn, during which the toastmaster will show the written words – they must be included in the speech.

Toastmaster holds a fun competition: vocabulary

In this game, the toastmaster raises the tablets with words unexpectedly, and the guest needs to quickly orient himself so that the toast sounds harmonious and interesting. The winner is the participant who stumbled fewer times or who applauded the audience louder. As a prize for passing the test, the winner can receive a bottle of champagne or any other symbolic gift.

Russian roulette

The game Russian roulette is an ancient entertainment that implies a great danger to life. As a table game, its simplified version does not pose any particular danger, on the contrary, it promises guests fun and loud laughter. The essence of the game is as follows: a guest who decides to take a risk turns away, 3 piles are placed in front of him (vodka is poured into 2, water is poured into 1). The task of the participant is to turn around on command, drink one glass first, and then immediately drink the next one. Which combination of drinks the player gets depends only on his luck.

Contest Russian roulette with alcohol


Alcohol games are extremely popular at the very beginning of the holiday to make guests relax. These include an interesting entertainment – Ladder, requiring the participation of two or more people. The more people, the more interesting. How the game goes: the contestants sit next to each other, in front of them is a bottle of alcohol (something not too strong is better), the first guest takes one sip of the drink, the next – two already, the third – three, etc. When the queue reaches the last one, the bottle is again passed to the first guest, so in a circle. The game goes on without stopping until the participants get tired.

Fun Jobs

There is a possibility that the guests, while at the wedding, may get bored, so they will need a “warm-up” from the toastmaster. Fun Jobs is a game that will entertain those present, as well as allow the newlyweds to receive many original congratulations. How does the table entertainment go: the toastmaster gives the guest the topic of the toast, he tries to fully comply with it, saying congratulations. Examples of such a competition:

  • Say an animalistic toast-congratulation. For example, a husband will wish to be strong like a tiger, a wife – cunning like a fox.
  • Sing the words of the toast.
  • Push speech in the style of gopniks, using the appropriate jargon.
  • Use a foreign language.
  • Wish young people happiness using metaphors with food: for example, to make the hearth warm, like freshly baked bread, love is sweet, like chocolate or honey.

The guest says a cheerful toast during the game

Unusual Candies

Candy game is held at the initial stage of the feast. Tamada says: “I have sweets in store here, only they are unusual. Now I will walk next to you, whoever wants can take one or several for himself. The host walks past the guests, those who wish can sort out sweets or refuse. When the toastmaster walked around all those present, he said: “Well, I said that sweets are not easy. Whoever took a piece for himself – let him now tell something interesting about the life of the young or come up with a wish. If you take more, more stories.”

Tongue Twisters

To hold this table game, the toastmaster will need to prepare cards with tongue twisters in advance. The competition is most fun when the guests have already drunk a little and it is more difficult for them to pronounce the words. How the game goes: everyone receives a note with their tongue twister, at the command of the leader, slowly reads it so that everyone listens and remembers. Then the toastmaster again asks to read the text, only quickly. The winner is the participant who stumbled less times and told the tongue twister without missing a single word.

A guest at a wedding reads a tongue twister from a sheet

Cool wedding chants of 2017

It helps to provoke the guests, to give the wedding a light, cheerful atmosphere, the performance of chants dedicated to the wedding theme. They are held by teams of guests or the text is repeated after the toastmaster by all those present. There are many topics for such a table game: it can be the married life of a husband and wife, the theme of the banquet and the feast itself, chants with good wishes to the couple, texts about the mother-in-law, mother-in-law. See the photo, which contains several interesting chants used to entertain the guests of a magnificent wedding:

Texts for funny wedding chants

Video: fun wedding contest Magic Hat

The old game Magic Hat has not lost its popularity for many years, because guests do not need to do anything during it: all that is needed for table entertainment is a playlist with songs and any suitable hat. The essence of the competition is this: the toastmaster wants to know what the guests of the holiday are thinking about now? To do this, the host alternately puts on a hat on those present. Some unexpected song plays, sure to cause laughter and smiles. Watch the video showing this interesting table game:

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