Sports Bars in Kazan – sports bars, addresses, contacts, photos

Sports bar in Kazan - Photo of a sports bar

Sports bars in Kazan – where you can watch football on the big screen in Kazan. 9 sports bars – names, descriptions and addresses on the Sportbar map.

Sports bars in Kazan

Sports bar in Kazan - Photo of a sports bar

There are many establishments for sports lovers in Kazan To view matches on the big screen In a small or great imagination.

Addresses on the map of sports bars in Kazan

There is nothing better for a sport lover than Watch the match of your favorite game In the corresponding atmosphere – in a bar or restaurant, where The game of your favorite team is broadcast on the big screen And where you can chat with the same ardent fans.

Home bar Vsesvoy


Address – st. Meridian, house 4, near the metro station of the Kozya Sloboda.

The bar works from Sunday to Thursday from 11 to 24 hours, and on Friday and Saturday – from 11 to 1 hours.

Phone-8 843 225-15-30.

European kitchen with a large assortment of dishes and drinks. The bar has a decorative fireplace and live music plays.

Average account-400-900 rubles.

Tea club Bukhara

Menu in a tea club

Address – st. Decembrists, house 133, Moscow district.

Phone – 8 (843) 226 99 55.

Cafe works from 12 to 2 hours on all daysBesides Monday – on this day the club operates only up to 24 hours.

Average account-400-600 rubles.

Restaurant Business


Address – st. Pushkin, house 46, Vakhitovsky district.

Phone-8 (843) 202-34-09.

The establishment hosts thematic evenings and parties.

Business has been working on weekdays from 12 hours And on the weekend from 16 hours to the last visitor.

Average account-800-1200 rubles.

The tavern Cat Kazan


Address – st. Ostrovsky, house 16/3, next to the metro area of ​​Tukai.

Phone-8 (843) 223-00-17.

Cat works from 11 hours to 23 hours on Monday and Sunday,

up to 24 hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday,

up to 2 hours on Friday and Saturday.

The kitchen cat presents European, Russian and Tatar dishes, as well as vast map of wines and beer drinks.

Average account-600-800 rubles.

Sports bar Snookball

sports bar

Address – Yamasheva Avenue, house 115 A, Novo-Savinovsky district.

Phone – 8 906 031 81 58.

The bar works daily from 12 to 24 hours.

In the bar you can play snokbull or the game console.

Average account-400-800 rubles.

Club Zoombet


The network of the bookmaker and sports club Zoombet consists of two establishments:

  • One is located at Victory Avenue, house 100a, next to the Gorki metro, telephone-8 (843) 202-38-13,
  • The other is located On Chistopolskaya Street, house 47a, next to the metro Kozya Sloboda, the phone is 8 (843) 216-83-22.

The club has drinks, hookahs and light snacks, a bar for VIP clients is free.

Zumbet is designed for sports excitement and enjoying viewing.

Clubs work 24 hours.

Irish pubs Guinnes Pub

The Guinnes Pub network of Irish pubs is located At the following addresses:

  • st. Kasimov brothers, house 38, next to the Gorki metro, telephone-8 (843) 233-33-53;
  • st. Petersburg, house 37, next to the metro area of ​​Tukai, the phone is 8 (843) 290-90-14;
  • Victory Avenue, house 91, next to the metro Prospect Victory, the phone is 8 (843) 233-35-33.

Pubs work from 11 to 24 hours.

You can taste in pubs Dishes of European and Irish kitchensas well as try delicious beer, the range of which exceeds 200 species.

In pubs, you can watch the match on large screens and play any board game.

Average account-800-1300 rubles.

PAB What to do?

A pub

Address – st. Kremlin, house 11, Vakhitovsky district, next to the Kremlin metro station.

Phone – 8 (843) 292 03 58.

The pub works from 12 hours to 24 hours on Sunday,

up to 2 hours from Monday to Thursday,

up to 4 hours on Friday and Saturday.

In addition to the TVs on which matches are broadcast, the institution has a platform for the performance of live music.

Average account-500-900 rubles.

PAB Irish Trinity

PAB Irish Trinity, Kazan

Address – st. Buamana, house 44, Vakhitovsky district.

Phone-8 (843) 567-13-31.

The pub works from 12 hours to 3 hours on Friday and Saturday and up to 1 hour on all other days.

The area of ​​the institution allows you to gather a large company of friends, drink beer, bite with hot dishes and light snacks and watch the game on the screens.

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