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Ellipsoids Running Railway Railway Cunning Campsoids Cardiors of the LifeFitness premium classes have won a reputation as reliable and comfortable simulators. System


  • Treadmills
  • Ellipsoids
  • Equal trains

LifeFitness premium cardiotransugrades have won a reputation as reliable and comfortable simulators. The depreciation system reduces the load on the knees and joints and allows us to conduct effective cardio training users with any level of training.

  • All cardio trains are equipped with digital television and the ability to connect any gadgets.
  • The zones of power simulators are a strategy for selecting simulators, taking into account users of different levels of training and allowing them to progress from the initial level to professional. In the free scales zone, a professional bench bench, an extensive dumping range from 2 to 60 kg, a number of training rods weighing 5 to 45 kg are presented.
  • In these fitness zones, such problems as a set of muscle mass, increase strength indicators, increase the level of endurance of the body, weight correction, support of general physical tone, rehabilitation (kinesitotherapy) can be solved.

Advantages of the gym fitness club club

The gym is the best place to improve your body, both for men and girls. Classes in the gym are beneficial, improving the entire body, and also become a source of pleasure thanks to the production of endorphins during physical activity.

  • Fitness club with the Ultra Family Fitness pool in Yekaterinburg is open to you daily.
  • In the gym with modern equipment there is everything you need for effective and comfortable training.
  • Training in our fitness club can be both independent and with a personal coach. For beginners, we recommend that the coach is supervised in order to avoid possible injuries.
  • With a competent approach, using power simulators, almost all muscle groups can be developed and strengthened. Professional fitness trainers will always help and advise you. A personal coach will select the optimal program of power loads, develop an individual class system and find the perfect set of exercises that suits you.
  • A good incentive for regular classes will be the purchase of a club card. The club map in Ultra Family Fitness is not just saving the budget and time, but also the ability to visit the pool and get all the advantages from combining gym loads and classes in the pool.

The cost of a club card in the gym depends on the duration of its validity and the selected time of visiting a fitness center.

Regular classes will help you as quickly and without risk to health to achieve your goal!

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