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Hacking safes

Hacking locks and computers in Alpha Protocol

Hacking locks and computers

It is not by chance that we made this, at first glance, a completely obvious element of gameplay, into separate material. Many players do not fully understand the mechanics of hacking and everything that is connected with this. It was the implementation of the hacking of the castles that was subjected to the most harsh criticism from the game press. But in fact, not everything is as sad as it seems at first glance.

There are three types of mini-games in the game for hacking various codes and locks.

Hacking safes

1. The easiest lock is found when hacking doors and safe. Move the pins and follow the color of the lock on the right. As soon as the color of the keyhole changes (see screenshot) fix the element. The number of pins will increase over time, and the allotted time is allotted.


2. You will need to go through this mini-game when hacking some doors and to turn off the alarm. Here you need to connect the terminal with the corresponding figure. With an error, the allotted time is reduced. This type of locks is somewhat more complicated, and at high levels it is sometimes almost impossible to hack – it has up to 12 elements, and time is reduced to a minimum.

A computer

3. The third type of mini-game is used to hack computers. This castle at the first acquaintance with it in Graibkeshocks many. The numbers on the screen are constantly changing, only two lines of numbers remain unchanged (they are circled in the screenshot) corresponding to two blocks that you can move. On the PC, the right unit is controlled using a computer mouse and fixed with its left button, and the left unit is moved using the WASD buttons and is fixed with the “space” key. After some time, the location of the numbers changes. Successful hacking requires some practice. With an increase in complexity, the length of the digital blocks decreases and the time is reduced, after which the location of fixed numbers occurs.

AT Alpha Protocol All skills can be improved by investing skills when obtaining a level. If at the beginning of the game you have to almost come close to the enemy in order to make a targeted shot, then with sufficient pumping of the corresponding branch of skills, this problem ceases to take care of you. The same with hacking the castles. Your abilities in this difficult matter improve the skills branch Sabotage. Having invested here at least three points, you will receive a new skill of “interference generator” and now you will have a choice: to hack or use EM bomb. Further improvement will allow you to easily break the most complex castles. And to be more accurate, the complex locks will almost cease to meet in your way.

Without sabotage abilities, you will regularly encounter such mini-players that are sometimes simply not realistic.After training, the time allotted for breaking the lock grows significantly, in computers the chains of numbers become longer, and there will be fewer elements on alarms and safe locks.

In addition, there are two armor upgrades that will also help you deal with difficult locks. This is Printed Conductors and their advanced version Integrated Circuit. However, it should be noted that their influence is not so great, and if you critically need a cell in the armor, having a sufficiently pumped sabotage branch, these elements can be sacrificed.

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