Games installation – hack ps vita

Installation of games

Complete PS Vita / Vita TV firmware, from stock firmware to Henkaku Ensō (3.60), EPSP CFW (3.61-3.63) or EPSP Homebrew (3.65+)

There are three methods of installing games: nonpdrm, installation of VKP files, Maidump. However, only the first is recommended for use. Only this method guarantees the performance of the game, as well as to download patches for it directly with Livearea.

The other two methods will be mentioned only in passing, exclusively for general development, as well as for the rare situation where the desired game contains any modifications and spreads only in this form, and not otherwise.

It is understood that by this moment your prefix has already been hacked, it has vitashell installed on it


To universal happiness, games can be downloaded directly from Sony servers. This works thanks to the nonpdrm plugin and the open database containing the link to the PKG Sony servers and fake keys for their unpacking – Nopaystation.

Special programs are engaged in downloading and unpacking games: NPS Browser for PC and PKGJ for PSVITA itself. PC games are downloaded and unpacked noticeably faster than on consoles, so it is recommended to use NPS Browser and throw unpacked games into the console manually.

Settings need to be carried out only once

  1. Download NPS Browser on your PC and place it in a folder from which you will run the program in the future
  2. Version for Windows (
  3. Version for MacOS (
  4. There are no versions for Linux
  5. Make sure that there are no Cyrillic people on the way to the program!
  6. Only for Windows: Download PKG2ZIP and unpack the contents of the downloaded archive in the folder containing NPS Browser

Download the configuration file NPS Browser and place it in a folder containing NPS Browser

  2. Pay attention to the three fields at the top of the program:
  1. Search line. Here you can enter part of the name of the game and filter on it a list in the main window of the program
  2. A falling list with a filter of platforms. Remove the checkmarks from unnecessary platforms to remove them from the main window of the program and exclude from the search
  3. A falling list with the filter of the regions. Remove the checkmarks from unnecessary regions to remove them from the main window of the program and exclude from the search
  • You can highlight several games using Shift and Ctrl keys
  • Unfortunately, this needs to be done for each game
  • It is fashionable to download the patch right on the prefix through Livearea after installing the game, so now this item can be skipped
  1. Go to the folder into which NPS Browser downloads and unpacked games
  2. You can click on any downloaded game, and then on an icon with a folder at the bottom of the screen to open the game folder automatically
  3. You will see three folders:
  4. In each of these folders there are submarines named in accordance with TitleidDownloaded games
  5. Any of the folders may be absent if you have not downloaded the content corresponding to its name
  1. AddCont – contains DLC with downloaded games
  2. App – contains downloaded games themselves
  3. Patch – contains patches for downloaded games
  4. PSPEMU – contains games for PSP and PSX, launched through Adrenaline
  5. pspemu\ISO – contains PSP games in ISO format
  6. pspemu\PSP\GAME – contains games for PSX and PSP-minis
  7. Pay special attention to this folder! Since Adrenaline can run games not only from ux0 (which requires separate deliberate configuration), this folder must be moved in the future to the disk that is configured in Adrenaline!
  8. psm – contains PlayStation Mobile content
  • Don forget that the pspemu folder must be put on the drive that Adrenaline is configured to work with!
  • On PS Vita in VitaShell go to the very top of the disk list hierarchy and clickAll the games you downloaded should appear in the main menu of the console
  • Search for PSP, PSP-minis and PSX games in Adrenaline
  • You do not need to do this if you downloaded the update via NPS Browser
  • You can follow the update download progress by clicking in the upper right corner
  • Yes, it's safe and you won't get banned for itRun PKGj on your device
  1. If this is your first launch, or if you want to update your database of games, click and select “Refresh”
  2. The device must be connected to the Internet
  3. Click and choose what you want to be displayed on the screen of the program
  4. The names of the points speak for themselves, so there is no point in dwelling on them.
  5. Here you can also select the method of sorting games on the screen
  6. Click the selected game and select Install game and patch or Install game”
  7. After selecting all the games you want to install, close the program
  8. Please note that PS Vita games are installed directly in the Live Area, while games from PSP, PSX and others are downloaded directly in the program!
  9. You can follow the progress of installing games from PS Vita by clicking in the upper right corner on the main screen
  10. Yes, it's safe and you won't get banned for it

Other, legacy installation methods

MaiDump are decrypted game files that are stored in a folder and file structure. They are installed exclusively through the MaiDumpTool program. As a rule, games come with installation instructions, because it may differ from game to game, so we will not focus on it here.

A sign that the game was dumped using MaiDumpTool: the folder structure of the game (TitleID) contains the folder mai_moe

To install the game in MaiDump format, you must first transfer the structural folders to the console.

  • game folder (Title ID) move to ux0:mai/
  • folder with patch (TitleID_patch) move to ux0:mai/
  • DLC folder (TitleID_addc) move to ux0:mai/ Game may not have Patch and AddC folders

TitleID is the region code for the game. For example, the game Borderlands 2 in the US region has TitleID – PCSE00383

Method I – Installing VPK via Vitashell

  1. Transfer the game to PS Vita
  2. If you don't know how, use the instructions
  3. Install as normal VPK file
  4. If you don't know how, use the instructions

Method II – Installing the unpacked game via Vitashell

  1. Unpack the *.vpk file on your computer with any archiver, such as WinRAR.
  2. Transfer the resulting folder to the console, via USB or FTP – via VitaShell.
  3. If you don't know how, use the instructions
  4. Select the folder with the game files on the console (do not open!), press
  5. Go to the dialog menu in More
  6. Select item Install Folder
  7. Wait for the procedure to complete.The game icon should appear on the LiveArea screen.

Installing PSM games

To run games from PlayStation Mobile (PSM) you will need the nopsmdrm.skprx plugin (if you flashed it according to this guide, it is already installed), as well as PSM Runtime Package. You can download it via PKGj or NPS Browserby typing in search for Vita-games PlayStation Mobile Runtime Package.

Installing PSP and PSX games

Installation of translations and modifications

Modern cracks and modifications should be placed in the rePatch/TitleID folder, where TitleID – the regional code of your game. As a rule, a Readme file comes with a crack or modification. Be sure to read it and follow the instructions in it.

You can remove duplicate files that add mods with the OneMenu app by hovering over the game, clicking and selecting “Shrink Game”

Ports of other games and emulators

PS Vita has a huge number of ports of classic PC games and emulators of other systems. We will not consider here their installation or use.

  • VitaDB application database, which has a large number of different ports and emulators for the console

Overclocking on PS Vita

Overclocking is done by using the PSVshell plugin

Press + or + to switch between three types of plugin

  • Use / to navigate the menu
  • Click on the device whose frequency you want to change:
  • With the / buttons you can specify the minimum frequency for the selected device (the frequency will be applied immediately)
  • Press on save profileto save the profile. Thus, the current settings will be saved for the running game and applied to it automatically the next time you start it. Pressing delete profile, you will delete the saved profile.
  • The values ​​shown in white are the default values. Blue – those that you put up.
  • By holding down you can save the profile globally for all running applications. Line save profile will change to save global
  • The global profile will only be used for running games if there is no individual profile for them.

Overclocking rarely affects the stable operation of the system. If after overclocking your set-top box began to work worse, turn it off, or use frequencies lower than those set. Increasing frequencies drains the console's battery faster!

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