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Overview of the OKKO service

⭐ Broadcasts OKKO. Sport - Football on the air

The OKKO Sports project belongs to Okko.TV, which is engaged in paid shows of films, series, and various programs. The OKKO.SPort section is the most popular, because here lovers to make online sports betting can watch football matches live.

All information on Okko. Sports is located on one page. Having pierced it down, visitors can familiarize themselves with the announcements of the nearest broadcasts, find video recording of fights or view brief reviews.

What is the popular

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Of particular popularity to the service came in the summer of 2019, when the rights to show matches of the English Premier League were acquired. Since then, the number of subscribers to OKKO. Sport has increased significantly, which positively affected the service ratings.

After receiving the rights to broadcast on the air of the submarine matches, the company's administration went on. Today, agreements have been signed to show such football events:

  • Regular MLS championship (the highest division of the United Football League of the United States and Canada, an analogue of the NHL hockey and basketball NBA).
  • Argentina’s championship with the participation of the Grandes – River Plate and Boka Huniors.
  • The qualifying tournament for the 2022 world championship with the participation of national teams of the United States, Mexico and Costa Rica.

Online broadcasts on different devices

Note Okko. Sports in the presence of multi -platform. Paid subscription will enable users to use for viewing:

  • Computer, laptop.
  • Tablet, smartphone, iPhone.
  • Play Station prefix.
  • TV through smart TV.

To conveniently watch football at OKKO. Sports through computer devices, you need to install Safari or Google Chrome browsers. For TVs, a SMART TV platform is definitely needed after 2014, which is installed on the Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips or LG technique.

The quality of the broadcast through the official website is is the highest, regardless of the device. There is also an additional feature that allows you to download the OKKO application. Sport for Windows, Android and iOS.

Promo code from OKKO. Sport

Promo code from OKKO. Sport

To get a discount, You can use a special promotional code OKKO.Sport. It is provided by the administration of the registration service, you can also find the code on thematic forums and partner sites.

Subscription cost for

Subscription cost for

An annual subscription appeared immediately after the purchase of rights to broadcast matches of the Premier League. At the initial stage, the price was 2990 ₽, but after August 1, 2019, it rose to 3990 ₽ per year. Already in the fall, it was impossible to issue an annual subscription to OKKO. Sports, and only one month (549 ₽) and 24-hour access for 199 ₽ remained affordable. On the Okko.Sport website there is no opportunity to buy viewing the broadcast of any particular match.

Reviews about Okko. Sport

Buying rights to broadcast the Premier League of England in football has much increased interest in the service from the fans.They began to actively discuss the activities of OKKO. Sports on thematic forums, but opinions were divided. AT Mainly, reviews about Okko.Sport NeutralUsers did not praise the resource much, And but complaints were rarely received. Although, at times, negative reviews about OKKO. Sports poured in a whole series due to frequent interruptions in the broadcast. The leadership explained this by technical moments, and as compensation they provided free views of the site for a certain period of time.

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